When you get an electronic device, like a laptop or cell phone it comes with an rechargeable battery. Some people are unlucky and get a dud. Or maybe there is a recall and the entire line of the product due to a defect.

My battery isn’t any good.

When I’m all charged up I and it says it’s ok to unplug the charger, I’m not at 100%. I haven’t been able to charge that far up for years. I am already basically in the yellow when I start my day. If you only have a half hour of battery life just browsing the internet, how are you expected to load a flash video to watch that takes up way more juice? 

You can maybe do it with the right help, such as a portable charger (here representing accessibility devices like wheelchairs, or treatment/medication). Sometimes the percentage amount is also inaccurate to. It says you have 20% battery and 20 minutes left and then your computer just -shuts off- out of nowhere. Surprise! you crashed! I hope you were anticipating that risk and saved your work!

In addition my charger doesn’t always work. 

I can plug it in and it just says “not charging”. So sometimes you leave the computer overnight to charge and wake up, wait, 30% battery when my 100% is a normal person’s 60%????!!!?? not fair! This is what happens when you combine in the restfulness or inadequate sleep. 

The combination means you are really working at rationing what you can do with your device. Should I turn it off most of the day in case I need it later? How many people can I talk to on my phone for how long before it runs out of juice. How much work can I get done on my laptop before the battery dies, possibly taking the work with it? 

That’s how are bodies are. We have to carefully monitor how much energy we (think) we have, what amount of stuff we should be able to do with it, what must be sacrificed, as well as try and keep track of charging stations, battery packs etc. to rescue us if we miscalculate. And if we do we could lose something important in the power outage. 

But batteries aren’t user replaceable and we don’t have a warranty, we can’t get it fixed, just have to deal with it as well as we can. The battery does not define us but it effects every part of our lives effecting everything we do and every decision because while most people haven’t experienced a energy crash, they have probably experienced the hell that is the computer shutting down and destroying hours of effort you’ve put into something as punishment for taking that risk