Fattar ni detta kanske?

Fantastisk bra förklaring om ME och kroppen!!!

//..Of course, that explanation itself got quickly modified to my favorite, the cell phone theory.

 It’s similar to the battery theory, but with many more ways to elaborate. 

Basically, you own a cell phone with a bad battery. 

It doesn’t matter how long it charges – it’s never quite full. Honestly, it’s hard to predict how much juice you’re going to have when you grab it in the morning. 
Maybe it’s 83 percent. Maybe it’s only 39 percent. 
And that’s all you have, so all of a sudden Snapchat and Words With Friends is o-u-t. 

Maybe you put the phone in battery-saver mode and sacrifice some functionality in favor of longevity, or maybe you burn hard for two hours and are left at the end of the day with a busted radiator, in the rain, and no way to easily call for a tow.

Perhaps you could bring along chargers, but then you’re always hunting for that free outlet at the back of a room. 
Now imagine it malfunctioning, in and out of airplane mode. 
The phone is physically in one piece and all the apps are there, but they can’t function. 

Or how about the stupid thing sometimes just crashes?
 Boom, black screen, and now it has to reboot. Maybe some wires are loose, so the display flickers and doesn’t adjust properly to changes in light. 
Possibly some of the software is glitchy, so it can’t process texts or answer a call unless you first open the calculator app.
 What if you picked up a virus or key logger, and some of that energy is now being eaten by a malignant thing that destroys your phone’s operating system and steals your identity?...//