Nyheter i ME världen

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//“There’s been a great deal of controversy and confusion surrounding ME/CFS — even whether it is an actual disease,” the study's senior author, Mark Davis said in a statement, adding that the new research provides “a solid basis for a diagnostic blood test.”

ABC News’ senior medical contributor, Dr. Jennifer Ashton, said that the study should encourage patients with ME/CFS that researchers have not ignored their pain, even if many questions surrounding the disease remain.

The new research may encourage patients who have felt the disease was all in their head.

“I have seen the horrors of this disease, multiplied by hundreds of patients,” Montoya said in the statement. “It’s been observed and talked about for 35 years now, sometimes with the onus of being described as a psychological condition. But chronic fatigue syndrome is by no means a figment of the imagination. This is real.”//